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New fic Janye's sadness

Fandom Firefly
pairing Jayne/Kaylee
Rating g
Janye's sadness
not beta'ed so all mistakes mine

He shot her , That Gorram Lawman ,shot her and now I fear That I will never get to tell her How I feel . I have such love for her it tears me apart inside, She consumes me she is my sky ,my food she would be all I need in this awful verse . She holds this crew together our anchor like a life line that we all hold on to way to deeply . She gives me ,us this ship so much . She brightens our day with her voice her positive nature she brings music to my uneventful dull silent life , Her heart is the biggest and she cares for each and everyone of us she owns my heart and its something I will never tell her and with her life slipping away from her ship from me from us . She will never know how I feel . I will never ever know how she feels all because of that ɡānɡ mén doctor and that gun happy lawman ,But maybe it's best the feelings were never shared between us and now that she is fading no power in the verse will make me tell how much love I have for her My sweet Kaylee.