Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

My top 10 wishes

1. I wish for a matt gil fic Supernatural rpf sweet or smutty it does not matter witch there are non of this pairing

2 . I wish for a supernatural art of the boys in oz sam as the lion dean as the scarecrow and cas as the tin man and Charlie as Dorthey

3. a matt cohen misha Collin and one of the J's fan fic more smut the better no non con please

4. I wish for the samualet please

5. castiel, Charlie and crowrely Pop By funko toys

6. a buffy fanfic pairing Tara /riley

7. fic recs for sassy and matt Jensen also sam /benny

8 . a btvsrpf Marc and james fanfic

9 My bloody valentine art with Jensen ackles

10. sam and dean Hello kitty art

my wishes are so me lol merry Christmas to all
Tags: me, wishes
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