Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

Round 6, Challenge #19: Scavenger Hunt, Part 2

1. Show us a screencap of your OTP. made graphic 5 points

3. Find a screencap or take a picture of a fancy hat made graphic 5 points

4. Find a screencap of a TV/movie couple kissing made graphic 5 points

5. Find a cap of your favorite vampire made graphic 5 points

11. Find a screencap of your favourite TV episode shells angel the show made graphic 5 points

12. Find a cap of your show.made graphic 5 points

14. Find a photo that makes you feel cozymade graphic 5 points

16. Find a picture of someone eating and or drinking made graphic 5 points

20. Icon the artist of the last song you listened to. made graphic 5 points

24. Find a screencap of someone wearing purple

25. Make any type of graphic incorporating an umbrella

26. Find a cap lgbtq +character

30. Find a cap of someone taking a picture

43. Make an icon of your favourite cartoon character.

54. Make icon that includes sunglasses

48. Show us a screencap from a sad scene.

52. Find a unnatural color of a food

58. Make an icon of a woman in a red outfit.

60. Make any size graphic of a dessert
Tags: call me by your name, dean, icons, icons 2020, mcu, sam, supernatural

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