Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

03x20: Superhero Party

Make 5 icons of one superhero

Make a graphic of a superhero that starts with the first letter of your username

Create a graphic of a superhero kissing someone

Icon your least favorite character -- but make it look good

Icon an LGBTQ superhero or villain

Create 2 Icons of Villains/Enemies.

Create a icon with a female superhero/villain
Make an Icon of your favorite DC/Marvel (any superhero) Movie.

Find a song that fits your favorite Superhero.
Image result for illyria angel
Find a screencap of a superhero & friends (either other superhero or civilian friends)

Related image
Find a photo of a celebrity wearing something superhero fandom related (eg a Batman or Superman t-shirt/hat)
Image result for tom holland
Find a Black and White icon of your favorite superhero/villain character.


Find a photo of a hero kissing someone

Related image

Find an icon of your favorite superhero.
credit to artist

Find an icon of your favorite villain


Share your favorite video
Find/Provide a picture with people in Cosplay.
Related image
Find/Provide a picture with actors at Conventions
Image result for sebastian stan jib
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