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Zarry love letter

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Dear Harry,

I know you and I have not spoken in a long time but its valentine's day and I miss you! I hope you are doing well.

It's been hard not talking to you each day like we once did. I so very much enjoyed your laugh and just being in your orbit.

Harry I have always loved you. I am sure you know that though. You loved me once, I know that too. But unfortunately it seems all good things eventually come to an end and with that all the wonderful things we had disappeared.

I guess they had to. I just couldn't be in the band anymore, it was killing me. I loved you but it wasn't enough. I was stifled on everything, creatively, you know that too. But I think after I left things just snowballed. I wanted you to know Harold that I love you and still miss you everyday. Even if you don't miss me. I hope every now and then that you have the time to reminisce about the wonderful times we had.

Love you always and forever babe,


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