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Amy/Frank love letter

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My Dearest Frank,

I really shouldn't do this. I feel so dumb about it too.
But I need to get this off my chest and at long last say my peace.

Here it goes.

I am in love. And I am in love with you. You are a really hard person to love. Trust me on this one. I am sure i am even harder to love, to accept. Anyway, I felt hatred for you in the beginning.

We have been though so much together that I think the love and hate that I had, we had, now runs together like pooling blood.

Frank, you protected me. You cared for me like no one else ever could. You put your own life at risk for me at a time when I was someone you didn't even know. I know that I was way more difficult than I should have been. I am so sorry about how I behaved. I hope you can forgive me.

I just wanted to wish you a happy valentines day. I hope that your doing well. I know this is a bit rushed and very ambitious but I still have many feelings for you. I know I probably shouldn't. But I do. I love you. I hope the Punisher gig is not too rough. Your the best.

Love always,

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