Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)


speak or die
pairing ,armie hammer /timothee chalamet
rating : pg

He is my Armie, and I am his Timmy. He is married, still married.
And I always choke. I don't speak, I can't speak. I don't tell him, but I know I should. He means so much to me, but he has no clue.
The things he does that make me smile... He is so good to me. Always texting to check on me. He tells me his funny stories, and the news about his day.
Does he even know how i feel about him? Does he know I would give anything to be his? To belong to him, to listen
to his music while being in his arms. He knows all this? I can not be sure, but, it could never be said aloud. Not in public, but private? It definitely can not be uttered to anyone. Just to myself. And it makes me feel. So alone.
So just in the book and in the film that made my career. I am left unable to speak to him about this. Or die? When I know both will never get me the person I love more then life itself .

pairing : zayn mailk/harry styles
The way he licks his lips. The way he walks. The way he is unapologetically open and true. Living his best life.
He's touring and selling, and being who i always knew he could be. He was that one guy, one friend who always had my back. He always new what I needed, even when I was unsure. He was my rock for what seemed forever. And then I left. We broke off all contact with each other.
I think I may have ruined all I had ever had with him. Sigh. But I was able to keep that one piece, in my memory forever, his lips. Inked upon my skin, and forever in my mind. I so loved the way he talked, the way he sang to everything. I wanted then, and now, his beautiful lips. If I could just have one more taste
of those lips, just once again. Is just once more to much to ask?
Tags: call me by your name, fanfic, harry styles, zarry, zayn
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