Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

3 Drabbles

Prompt: Trust
Fandom: one direction
Paring: Zayn Mailk/Harry Styles

Zayn never really thought much about his relationship with Harry. But he did have thoughts about him on tour, though he couldn't hold Harry back no matter how much he didn't want him to go. He couldn't tell him ,he wanted him to do what he loved. Then when he was home they would talk. But he had doubts about all of it. Maybe even Harry. But he needed to put those doubts to rest and let Harry know he had nothing but his love, and respect. He kissed him letting him know he had nothing but trust for him .


Prompt: Sunset
Fandom: True blood
Paring: Jason Stackhouse / Eric Northman

When your boyfriend is a vampire you dont get much of the sun. He would burn alive and trust me its not a good look for Eric!! He is way too handsome for that. I try to avoid it as well for him. But me being a human, I enjoy sun. I need sun. Doesn't every human? So one eveing I asked him, since it was almost down, if he could watch the sunset with me. "Yes Jason" he smiled and said to me. Then he sat next to me , we cuddled ,amp; watched it fade in to the sky.

Fandom: Supernatural
Paring: Sam & Dean Winchester

Will they forgive me for what I have done? It's doubtful . Can I forgive myself for siding with Ruby. For leaving Dean stuck in purgatory. Will I be able to break from the saddness of me being the cause of moss death? Or stop blaming myself for Kevin? Getting Charlie roped into our business? I don't think I can ever forgive myself for all the sins I have commited. But if Dean can forgive me, I owe it to him to try, to find some way to push all the doubt and sin away and forgive myself. Right ? for Dean.
Tags: dean, fanfic, harry styles, one direction, sam, spn, supernatural, trueblood, zarry, zayn
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