Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

His dove

When i saw him it was a spark that bruned my soul , i never knew how hard i would fall how much he woul mean to me the things he said did he saw in to my soul and the love he gave me i never knew i could have love like him he makes every day worth living when i was brought back i had no place then i saw him and i knew i could never be unhappy with him he is my whole world the man i love the vampire who has my heart he brings so much out of me he makes me fee free and wild and safe and loved all at once he knows what i like and meets all my needs he makes lifre better i will spend the rest of my life loving hi and letting him know what he means to me i am his loving dove his muse he is my vampy and i know that whenever he is near i will know love he is my forever my heart and soul my vampy My spike the whole world and i know i am his dove
Tags: note, somewhat fic, spara, thoughts
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