Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

TVU Challenge 1404 - Favorites

tv_universe1: Favorite Movie Call me by your name
this is my nee obssion the direction of this movie and the love that was put in shows so uch
the dark knight I just love everything about this

2: TV Episode the big bang theory this ep makes me laugh and it ends with soft kitty
I love dark willow so much her power is so strong here
3: Favorite Character willow rosenburg
she is the overlooked one but so needed for the show to work
he is the older brother how can you not love him
4: Favorite OTP sastiel
how sam looks cas is just so cute to me and he always had faith and never gives up on him
charmie ( this is a otp that I blame my fave movie on also they are such great people not to mention good looking

5: Favorite Villain negan the walking dead he makes this so funny and keeps the fear going

heath ledger joker is so scary and out there that you don't know his mind and I love that
6: Favorite Quote
this quote gets me right in my heart its so good
this just makes me laugh dean is such a sexy smart ass
Tags: my art, sastiel, supernatural
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