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Time for Change

Originally posted by ashtraythief at Time for Change
Hey everybody!

During the last few months, we noticed dwindling participation in the smpc. Both Aly and I had big changes occur in our lives since we opened smpc over two years ago and we don’t have the time to invest the kind of modding it would take to get this Club up and running again. So, we have decided to hand over the reigns to this beautiful porn community.

If you are interested in modding the SMPC, please contact either Aly or me. We would wish that the spirit of the community — the regular provision of porn — would be upheld but as far as time intervals or allowed pairings go, the new mods can make those decisions. Sometimes, change is needed to revitalize a community and we feel that we have done our part here, it's time for someone else to leave their mark.

Whomever take over after us, this will be your comm, all we ask if that the porn keeps coming (pun obviously intended).
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