Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

the missing con update

Saturday was so fun I had a great time Emily swallow is amazing and oh so sweet her panel was actually my favorite here she is very funny . The saw some of osric then went down to my Emily op and it was awesome we share the name Emily so our op was awesome then met misha Collins who is adorable he did not smilie brightly but his smile was adorable then Mark Sheppard panel. Was so funny he is outrageous and just awesome then it was time for my 2 ops with Matt Cohen who is the kindest human ever then r2m I missed a few questions but it was awesome the misha panel he had he give us kid stories and he was just wonderful. Next was my autos I bought a misha and I bought a matt and a kind person give me a extra Matt auto then the concert was great no Jensen but Emily and Rob singing and it was oh so magical ( Billy is a Rockstar btw ) it was a great time
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