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con update

My day was crazy today let's start with jdm ops bright and early he was amazing I was not really nervous ( maybe a little ) but not too much we hugged in my picture and he smiled at me and told me he loved my hair. Repeat Jeffrey Dean Morgan loved my hair ) my hair is 3 different colors atm okay so then I had autos with jdm he signed my John Winchester journal and give me another hug . Too awesome so chill and kind so after that then was my Jensen op Jensen waiting for my number called give me a panic attack. Then it was called got in line and I was fine then I started crying I was so overwhelmed excited I was going to meet Jensen ackles I cried the whole way in to the op room . And when I finally did get to meet him I was crying buckets he was very kind though ( he is so slim and tall btw and lean af ) anyway so he said what it's okay looked at me and I really could not form words so we did a hug ( still crying atm ) then as Chris took the picture he hugged me super tight and one of the most brightest smiles that are so rare in ops of his you know eye crinkles smiles and all pretty Jensen teeth . And je said what a sweetheart ( Jensen ackles called me a sweetheart ) I was then crying again for about 10 minutes trying to process in what just happened to me . Then I had sweet kind Jared puppy sunshine rainbow moose who give me this safe but gentle hug I did not cry and I actually did okay I was proud then the panel everyone is rude yelling to thrm during the panel that we only got though like 6 or 7 questions a director from a episode was here and took up a lot of time after that it was was my mishalecki op where I was sorta nervous but not really then I wanted to do a silly pose and we had a great one then Jared pushed misha on to me and I dropped my head so Chris took it again and then the boys were being silly so the pic of Me is completely awful not showing anyone it's really unflattering so much so loved the mishalecki, hated the picture. Side note Jared in panel said he loves misha a lot story follows but he said it , awesome weekend con voice is gone
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