Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

fandom love

loving the talk in our fandom   day one since i  started  reading fics i have always  tried my  best to give feed back even if it was not for me and i think you can always say something postive to someone and make there day little bit better  . i have wrote fics i have  gotten  a few comments on  ao3  but never any in this fandom really  its okay i understand people dont have the time or did not like what i wrote  but when you get a comment  i know for me it makes my whole day  .  also i did not forget any bbs i am so behind on reading  i have signed up for every bang spn has out i am sure   i enjoy them a lot   arting and such   so i will be  giving lot of comments on bangs soon promise  i have made some wonderful friends though the fandom and i adore them and it makes me so happy to see your guy post  i just love letting you guys know that i love you all
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