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2016 Schedule and FAQ

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Arthur’s Schedule

Authors Sign Up Opens June 1st

Sign Up Closes July 15st

First Check In (optional) July 1st

Second Check In August 1st

Draft Due (at least 75% done) August 15th

Summery Posting August 17th

Artist Match up August 20th

Third Check In September 1st

Final Draft Due September 15th

Posting October 1st

Artist’s Schedule

Artists Sign up Opens June 1st

Sign up Closes August 15th

Summery Posting August 17th

Writer Match up August 20th

Pinch Hitter Artist Sign Up August 21st

First Check In September 1st

Second Check In September 15th

Posting October 1st

What's the challenge here?
We found that there was an exceedingly small amount of angel-centric writing that didn't have Dean or Sam as central points. Of course, they're always central points, but we wanted to see more about the other angels, how they acted together, and what things were like before the Winchesters showed up. They are a family, perhaps a broken one, but one nonetheless. Therefore, we wish for the entries for this big bang to be centered on the angels.

Writers will have 3-4 months (depending on when they sign up) to reach the minimum word count and write a complete story about the angels of Supernatural. Artists then choose an anonymous summery and get an advanced copy of the fic to create art for it. They are then posted together and you get a great place to show off your work.

Does it have to be a pairing between angels?
No, of course not. It can be the familial relationships, the partnerships they've have, so on and so forth. The focus need only be on angels and this can be a romantic or general focus.

Do all the pairings have to be between angels?
Side pairings don't have to be angelcest but the main pairing needs to be. If you have two main pairings only one has to be angelcest, we'd prefer if the angelcest pairing had more of a greater focus but equal focus is okay too!

Are moresomes okay?
They are! They can be either angel/angel/angel or angel/other/angel. Please note that if you choose to have a non-angle in your threesome that the focus should either be equal between the three or focus on the two angels.

A Special Note of Casifer and Vessel Fics: Casifer, as in Lucifer and Castiel sharing Jimmy’s body, is a great character! So is Samifer and Dean!Michael! However we generally do not view a Casifer/Dean or Samifer/Dean to be sufficient for a threesome. We have nothing against Wincest and Destiel, I am sure many of our writers and artist ship them! But they have many other writing and art challenges whereas most angelcest pairings are rarepairs and harder to fine. These pairings can still be use but please consider if they are truly angelcest pairings

An example of an unacceptable pairing: Lucifer and Castiel share a vessel, Lucifer and Castiel each struggle for control. When Castiel is in control he makes out with Dean non stop, when Lucifer is in control he ignores Dean and consumes mass amounts of alcohol to forget about the graphic sex scenes he is forced to witness inside Castiel’s brain. Sometimes Castiel and Lucifer tell each other jokes in their brain when there is nothing good on TV.

An example of an acceptable pairing: Dean says yes to Michael they have a great time sharing a vessel, of course they do, they get to look at each other naked in the mirror. Michael misses his little brother, Castiel, and tries to draw him back to the good, righteous side of godly purity. Sometimes they make out too, it’s very confusing. Dean finds it awkward talking to Castiel when his bunkmate keeps having dirty thoughts about it but he doesn’t say anything to Castiel because the angel would probably blush so hard his head exploded, besides he rarely has control of his body anyways and just watches Mexican soap operas inside his mind. They to make out once but Dean decides he prefers burgers to angels and that leaves lots of time for Castiel and Michael to make out.

Who can sign up?
Writers, artists, betas and alphas can all sign up! c: Writers and artists both have specific dates they have to signup before, but beta signups are open the whole way through.

What's the word count?
The word count is 15,000 words.

Can I sign up for multiple roles?
Sure. But only if you can handle it.

What are check ins?
They're to make sure you're working your butt off. It's just to let the mods know you're still working on it and still participating. c: There are no word count goals for the check, you just tell us how far along you are and you can see how far your fellow writers are too. When it comes time to post your summaries you must have at least 75% done and at the last check in you will need to have at least 15k done.

Is co-writing okay?
Go for it.

Can I write RPF?
We'd prefer if you didn't as they would no longer be angels.

Can I use one of my WIPs?
Of course! However WIP can only be used IF they have not been posted anywhere and are 10% or less of your final word count.

Do I really need a beta?
All entries must be beta'd before the final deadline. I'm sure there are a lot of wonderful people who would be willing to beta for you, just take a look at our beta page.

What kind of art can be made?
You can make any kind of art! Fanmix, digital drawings, manips and edits, traditional art and comics are just a few examples. If you have an idea but are not sure about it contact the mods.

What is the minimum amount of art for a fic?
Two digital pieces of large art (min: 500x500), two sheet of traditional art, album/track cover art and a minimum of 12 songs. Exception may be made if you believe you are doing a single piece that is equivalent to two pieces, for instance a single very large painting, please contact the mods first to see if your idea qualifies.

Can I do art for multiple fics?
You can. However, you will need to wait until the first round of claiming is over before being able to sign up for another.

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