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TVU Challenge 1017 - Dear Abby


alec/jace alec/magnus clary
Dear Abby
I am really in a tight spot here . I am sort Of in love with my brother well my parabatai his name is lets say J and he is straight also in love with his ... well his sister I know that for sure lets call her C . god she is beyond annoying and has no clue how to do her job , that she was born to do , it makes things so much harder for me to lead and keep everyone on task with her here. all she does is get in the way not to mention she has ruined everything with J and I and on top of it all . Plus
there is a old warlock who has his eye on me. I mean yeah I like him but he is not the one I love and I am not sure how to tell him . My sister say's I am repressed and need to stop and let things out but how and I going to do that ? I have too much on my shoulders how do I deal with all this ?
yours truly
Alec Shadowhunter

Dear Alec Shadowhunter
You seem to have a lot on your plate .
first I want to tell that you Have too let go of it all the stress is too much for anyone, there are things you just cant control all of the things that have to be put on you. Next you should Tell J how you feel you never know he might feel the same way .you wont know until you put yourself out there . with this warlock let he or she down gently they would be upset most are but they will respect that you were honest . c seems new to this whole thing and maybe you should cut this person some slack but you should tell her about this thing with j and her being siblings that I am sure is a true secret that I am sure they will be upset about but everyone around will be better for knowing . I don't think you are repressed maybe just a little bit nervous and uneasy about everything while trying to control everything . hope I helped at least a little and that you have the tools to make things better for you
good luck

Veronica mars
veronica/logan / veronica /Wallace

Dear Abby
I would love some advice Its been years since I have asked anyone for any kind of help other then my dad and my best friend . so this is very hard for me but I am in a bit of a love triangle you see I am in love with my dead best friends boyfriend and My friend . I am at a loss I guess and I really don't know how to work myself out of it.
I was never in to my best friend but he saved me from myself a lot of times and the things have just grown from there late night study sessions to recon and the fake out sleep over we have gone though . then there is him the taboo of the guy I am really in to He is cute and funny and kind of a jackass but he has his saver, he has hero moments too I did a few jobs with my pi skills for him and he came though every time he saved me from the crazy crime family of Neptune and from his own dad but again and I cant stress this enough he is my dead best friends boyfriend . I want to go with the safe and sweet but the right choice but I am always drawn to the bad wrong taboo dirty one .

help my messed up feelings

Dear Ronnie
you seem like someone who knows what they want . you also seem very smart and I see you are really in a love pickle I will tell you they both sound fun amazing and will always do there best to keep you safe . I understand not wanting to be a bad friend but you cant help who you love . you really have to take a look at both and see who will make you truly happy may that be one or the other I am sure they both know even if you have not let them know how you feel the right choice is sometimes not always the best one and the wrong one is not always best only you can decide figure out who makes you happiest who would never let you not smile and who makes your heart melt just thinking of them . choosing can be hard for sure but it will make you happy once you do good luck
your friend Abby
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