Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

TVU Challenge 1011 - Casting Call

Elisha Cuthbert is Merlyn O'Neill! In supernatural , I cast her for this part because she has it all sexiness , sweetness and she is all smart badass and will make a perfect hunter in training . She will be a good mix to the pretty much all Good looking male cast she would be on here and there and would be pretty much opening to dying on the show such as all actors do on this show she can do stunts as well. she will can bring a new feel more male following with her sexy sassiness as well.

Merlyn is a legacy women of letters being a orphan and reading up on the letters she finds the bunker with her smarts cunning but she finds it has Sam and Dean they talk and sam likes to say she is hunter in Training . The boys don't like to have someone they don't really know taking there cases so they take her under there wing and show her the full ropes of being a hunter teach her about angels while she teaches them that having friends and people who have your back are a good thing . she becomes the object of sam's affection but she has no clue and is way too wrapped up in How heroic dean is and it bothers Sam. dean thinks she is a cute one but wont cross that line even if he wants too . but they both try to fit her in both there lives as hunters .
Tags: fandom, spn, supernatural, worksafe

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