Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)


well I have all my ops for chicon still looking for someone to room with I am on a fb group and I am starting to get super nervous I wont have anyone to stay with for the con . I have a op with Jensen Jared Misha Matt and Jeff so if you know anyone doing all 3 days and wont mind me crashing on the floor I would be more then grateful .

lost 16 lbs to date right now yay

thinking about doing fandom hits dont know if I should since my fics well kinda suck

I had my rbb posted and just posted my Sammy art bb I have one more with the awesome firesign10

lots of icons will be coming at you from my lj

and on that I figured out a icon table Hell yes

hope everyone is doing good love you all lots

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