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for Lands _of _ magic

Dear , Harmony

I got your unicorn you sent me for Christmas .

I have put it in a great place My desk so no one knows you are giving your boss

gifts and so I can keep it from braking .

was I the only one who got a Christmas gift from  you

That's very nice considering   I am kinda mean to you .

No fault of my own its just the broody soul in me .

To be  blunt here I thought it was for spike  you two  with your  odd

 and well gross histroy,  but when  I  saw it said to  Angel  and  thats it was

wrapped in pink ribbons and set on my dest next to my mug of otter blood

and read the card . Too bossy Have a merry christmas and  try not to be so broody

love  Harmony  , It was very thoughtful and  i was not expecting it so  thank you .

For the next time you would like to give your boss gifts  

 never mind   I am really not  comforable with getting gifts  from my  staff  but    I  will let it slide just this once.

Since you spent   $ 20 on the  unicorn .You forgot to take the price sticker off .

just another note  for when your giving gifts  dont  let the  person your giving the gift to

know how much you paid  .  Anyway  thanks  for  gift  Harmony

 it  will never  ( ever  be forgotten ).

 your  Boss C.E.O


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