Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

No nog

title : NO NOG
characters : Mary Winchester , unborn baby Dean
a/n : not mine never was just using them
un beta'ed AN: I did my best here please be gentle

Mary Winchester's favorite time of the year had always been Christmas . She did not have to deal with evil and hunting , Just the

happiness that's was so seldom in her life .The best thing about Christmas was eggnog she had always loved it . She had not been able

to get any this year with her very Pregnant With Dean , That she Had almost forgotten about her favorite drink until one day she was

out shopping and saw it and had to have it . she brought home the drink and took a whif and cringed she knew then that Dean did not

like eggnog .

the end
Tags: dean, fanfic, mary, spn, supernatural

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