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Secret Santa

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Here at The Hunter Games, The Mods thought that, as a treat for everyone, we would run a Secret Santa this year, as a way to thank everyone for sticking with us for the last 30 Challenges.

You all know the rules for Secret Santa - you sign up to take part - to recieve a gift - and in turn, you make a gift for someone else. Sounds good, right?

Now for the specifics for our little community:
- Sign up by replying to this post with your name, your favorite character, your favorite actor and your favorite episode/season
-This post will remain open for one week - until December 6th 2015

- After the sign up post has closed, a Mod will contact you with the name of the person who will receive a gift from you. Please keep this information to yourself
- Make your gift (minimum 1 icon) and send it to THE MOD WHO CONTACTED YOU by December 13th 2015. The Mods will then post the gifts to the community collectively, after the 13th, so that we can all marvel at the pretty

*We are only allowing icons for this Secret Santa, as we are an icon community
*You must make AT LEAST ONE icon for your giftee, but you can, of course, make more. But please, no more than 3 icons.
*To keep everything fair, the Mods will use a random online generator, to assign Secret Santas

Please remember that, by signing up, you are agreeing to make at least one icon for the person assigned to you. If, after signing up, you feel like you won't be able to find the time to take part, please let a Mod know as soon as possible, so that we can reassign both you and your giftee

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask either here, or via Private Message
would love for you all on my f list who make icons to sign up pretty please
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