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The wicked minds squad

This is a squad of smart minds and wicked women . they are all teamed up to share trade secrets of magic and to keep the evilness of the world between there own . they are all Hand picked by a leader of magic and the all hold offices in there elite squad .

the leader of magic is a high regarded and smart and old witch Rowena ( supernatural )
she is the leader make all the calls and has the right to accept or deny any ideas of the rest of the team come up with .

magic holder is Rowena's vice in charge and gets to have input in all the squad's dealings and handlings she is the only one in the group that can carry out any magic they feel is needed on the world Winnie ( hocus pocus ) Winnie.jpg
she is long time friends with the magic leader she is a bit more hands on then Rowena and has a thing for souls but being in this does not allow her to take any.

The worldly dealer she is the one with no wickedness that comes up with ideas and runs them to the others she deals with the humans and other magic beings she is the kind one who does not have much say in the group dealing with the wickedness more the smartness of the group willow ( btvs )

she does not deal with the magic leader she goes though the magic holder to show her magic and non magic dealings

the inductee the new witch learning her craft from evil and no evil women she follows the worldly dealer closely learning and finding out if she will have the gift to be a good with or bad witch in the magic squad she was picked to be in . ginny ( harry potter )
she will have to learn to learn enough for her to move on in the squad to her next task.

they all work well together due to the fact that each other bring something different to there squad and need each other to deal with each other and the magic and evil and goodness of the world
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