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unofficial sp00ky halloween spn meme

unofficial sp00ky halloween spn meme
1. What, in your opinion, is the scariest moment in SPN?
2. What's your favourite spooky SPN fic? (Alternatively, what fic unsettled you the most without necessarily being intentionally spooky?)
3. Plug the spookiest SPN fic you've ever written! (Alternatively, talk about why you'll never write horror fic--I'm curious!)
4. Who's the scariest SPN character ever?
5. If SPN were to go full-bore freaky again, s1-style, what would you like to see them do? (Alternatively, what do you NOT want them to do, because it would give you nightmares?)
6. What's your favourite scary story in general? Creepypasta, traditional folklore, anything! (Alternatively, what's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?)
7. Which SPN monster is your favourite?
8. If you were a hunter, which cases would you never touch with a ten-foot pole?
9. What's your phobia?
10. Besides the obvious, why do you think Sam feels so touchy about Halloween?
11. What's your costume this year, and what costumes do you think Sam and Dean have donned in the past?
12. Finally, how do you celebrate Halloween?

1. I think when I saw that's dean was going to hell in something wicked this way comes and he becomes a hell hounds chew toy that scared the pants of me .and demon dean gong after sam
2. the fic that scared me is not really a horror fic it may be it was this years big bang by all_the_damned so very like a grave
3.i am new to the writing fics in spn and all my spn fics are way to angst and sad I guess
4. Lucifer is pretty scary
5. I would like them to do something like full on monster hunt but maybe like a sea monster
6.ghost stories .
7. I like the killer clown monster season 2
8.no shapeshifters
10. he has a ever gotten to dress up and get candy and he is scared every day why would he care
11. not doing one dean has been batman sam was robin and
12. give candy to the kids and pumpkin patches
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