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TVU Challenge 908 - You Are Not the First to Pass This Way

For tv_universe
The New Normal
A rich married gay couple are trying to find a way to have a child and failing To find someone willing to carry a baby for them .
David and Bryan Love each other sure , but they want more a family a child , Things with them would be perfect if they had a child . One day while out shopping and browsing the baby store at the mall They meet Goldie and Shiana a single mother starting over New in the big city . they talk her in to carrying there baby for them with the help of shiana and Bryan's Personal assistant Rocky . But Goldie mother and grandmother due not approve at all They are old school and have no Love for gay people or them wanting to procreate . Goldie disagrees and does whatever she can to do this for the couple and If she can spite her family in the process so be it she will do whatever it cost . There are many bumps she will Have to go though, like her ex husband doctors an being shut out by her family but she knows in her heart's its what's right for her and her child and for her new friends Bryan and David .

The cast
Bryan Collins

is the charming working man of the couple who a talent scout and is a bit nervous to have a child but knows he and his husband will be great dads to there new child . he is the bread winner and with the help of rocky is the more outgoing and willing to have a good time he helps goldie deal with the new things and changes of having a baby and hoping he will be a good father .

Daivd Collins

the stay at home husband and wants more then anything to be a dad he wants to love care and be everything to a child . He keeps Bryan happy and he knows how lucky he is to be with him, How much love they share . How he knows that with goldie's help they can have a perfect family the family everyone needs that's full of happiness and love the things he never got a kid . He is also a good cook and has a great sense of humor .

Goldie Sims

she is going to have a baby for Bryan and David she is a little scared carrying another couples child, but with support from the boys and her little girl shiana and the boys friend Rocky . She has a feeling she can do this no matter what her mom and grand mother think is right and wrong she knows that with all that's going on with her split from her ,chatting husband and her baby growing up that this is the best place for her .

shiana sims

Goldie little girl who is growing up and was fully there for her mom on carrying the Collins baby she wants her mom to have a fresh start. away from her lying and absent dad and from there old life she is excited to help the boys and go to a new school and get away from the people who were mean to her . she wants to help the couple and she adores them and cant wait to meet there new baby her mom is carrying. she hopes to stay in la with her mom and get to be great friends david and Bryan

Jane foster ( goldie's grandmother )

who hates gays and is all about old ways she is set in them she thinks what goldie's is doing is wrong but she understands why goldie has a crap life wants a change but hates that she ran away and moved to la just to do this so she follows goldie there and tells her no and she goes against what she wishes it hurts her deeply but she warms up to the excepting couple somewhat
guest cast
Rocky works for Bryan

Rebecca foster ( goldies mom )

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