Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

The hangover spn Rpf art

For spn_cinema quick thank you to supernutjapan and vexed_wenchfor giving me faith to sign up for this They are so sweet told me I could do do this when I thought that there was no chance in hell I could so this is Spn rpf crack with my odd pairs and even more odd manips
Rated pg- 13
pairings : Jensen Ackles / Chad michael murray mostly off screen , Misha Collins /Danneel harris Others Jared Padalecki, Mark A. Sheppred ,

opening posterpizap.com14361586836492.jpg

The morning after

We messed up

The Pictures

Tags: danneel, jared, jensen, manips, misha, rpf, spn, supernatural, worksafe
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