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some of this and that

1.okay well we had a rummage to get rid of all our junk we have we made about 200 and that's pretty good , not as good as we have done but good

2. I need a beta for a super rough hardly any punctuation is right, for a dark my bloody valentine fic a fill for one of my bingo cards anyone up for 500 words give or take a few ( sidenote my fics little 100 to 200 word fics some have been posted could use beta's as well ) if anyone wants to help me inbox me please

3. so sad about my misha people are nuts and it is truly sad happy he is okay

4. need some ideas for art supernatural spnrpf cwrpf and my other fandoms for bingos

5. I may have a icon problem ( lol I cant stop )

6 . I write fics now so that's fun

7. lastly if anyone one knows feelsnotfeelings can you send them my way I am the artist for this person for deancasbigbang ( I know Destiel Emma are you feeling well ) its au so I am okay with it lol author got in touch with me looking forward to it

if anyone wants to talk gab or anything else go ahead inbox me I am friendly promise
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