Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

icon meme

Taken from milly_gal [Unknown LJ tag]

my icon is from ten inch hero so I put my own spin on it

114 words

nc-17 there was no beta and no thinking so sorry if it sucks

Jensen was getting new hair dye, from the store to show Jared just how happy he could make him .
he was checking out ,When two nerds laughed at him for getting pink hair die . he laughed and

shook his head you know while you two are here reading porn my boyfriend is

making me a romantic dinner and lubing himself up for me waiting for his hot Mohawk boyfriend .

the nerds looked at him in awe , "But why that color its so girly "

one of the nerds asked . he grabbed his bag and smiled ."Hardly its his favorite color

with that he flipped them off walking out of the store, to dye his hair for Jared
Tags: j2, jared, jensen, meme
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