April 1st, 2017

made by  Deans fetish

Day 4 and 5

Favorite  male other then sam or dean
 well  thats a hard choice i mean like so hard and well i  guess i have a  a few
i like chuck   or god i enjoy his cuteness and  then his  story and angst  it just fits well i miss him  chuck  had  me laughing and scared  at some point

Favoirte  female well lets  see  tie  charile  and abbadon  they kick ass i love   the knight of hells sass and charile   well  she is just a cute and pure sweetheart nerd that  you just have to love
made by  Deans fetish


i make a lot of icons and i dont know why anymore really  i mean  its worthless  i mean  i do lims and  i get kicked out first  and   20 and 20s and i make really awesome icons   i think at least   and i never win  ever i hardly ever even place its  sad . i dont have  ways  or programs  that i can make super  colorful icons i use what i can get for free its just  ugg i dont see the point anymore i  know its not about winning  but it still nice  to win once in awhile , should I go on with icons or just stop ,take a brake n,ot sure what to do anymore