July 4th, 2016



*colin ford / jeffrey dean morgan , stalker , dub con . younger colin ,needy colin
Jeff had only seen colin once it was when he want to visit set one day that he spotted him and was smitten he followed him would pop up randomly to see him talk to him , use his charming skills to get colin to want him and he did colin was almost begging for him in every way underage colin please

*misha/jared , killer au , bloodplay , any kinks
misha and jared are killers they enjoy it it gets them beyond hot for each other watching them kill people feel free for any and all kinks you want

*Dean/Donna ,worship , romantic sex
Dean is in love with how curvy donna is. She is wonderful and sexy and knows his body . he hates that people could think she is ever remotely fat he gets all alpha male when someone makes fun of her . and lets her know just how hot she is by making love .

*John/ Castiel , maifa au , d/s , drugs ,submission ,hooker cas
John is a king pin in the mafia drug trade castiel is a hooker who falls for him and does what ever john asks of him castiel just wants to make john feel the same way about him any and all kinks please

*Briana buckmaster/jensen ackles cheating ,drunk sex
at a con Jensen and briana have way to much to drink and make bad choices with each other but they don't regret it and they enjoyed it and maybe want it again

* misha /kat/jared , hook up. dirty talk ,underage kat
kat is in love with jared and he thinks its adorable she visits him on set and walks in his trailer right in the middle of him and misha so she asks them if she can join all kinks you want