March 9th, 2016


Challenge 3: KABOOM!!!

Push and pull  A  emmatheslayer movie
 Push and pull is the story of a struggling father Roddick Dunn ( Jensen Ackles ) who has just lost his wife to cancer he is lots in the world and is failing as a dad . His kids Britney (chloe grace moretz) and Luke(logan lerman) are in there teens and they are acting out he is beyond lost and so scared he wants to end it all but he knows he cant if not for himself then his kids .
so he carries on trying to get his family in a better place That's when he meets Nolan Witt ( tom felton ) a sweet guy who Is the new math teacher to his kids . He reaches out to the failing dad and things take on life from there the men meet weekly to talk about his kids and how they are doing and then its less about the kids in school and more about there hopes and dreams and they fall for each other hard . when the summer comes Nolan tells Roddick that he must leave Maine for a new teaching offer in Texas , Nolan does not want to go But He needs Roddick to tell him to stay .

Roddick Dunn ( Jensen ackles )

luke Dunn (logan lerman)
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Brittney Dunn ( chloe grace moretz)
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Nolan  Witt ( tom felton )


Characters wardrobe
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