November 24th, 2015


Challenge #60: Living Fandom

living fandom of

Noah ( puck ) Puckerman | Fandom:glee
Information: Puck   has a  complex family and home life his dad who begs him for money takes him for granted and ignored him for most of his life and left his mother . Pucks mom who tries her best but has two jobs and to support him and his little sister but with all the stress it gest to her and she drinks her pain away . Jake puckerman his brother from another other who has the same life as his older brother but has it a little harder due to his skin color . and then there is blaine his knight in a bow tie and blazer he makes puck see the good things and bring the best out of him .

Information: some of puck's wonderful hobbies are  giving good advice  to his fellow glee clubers . making them feel good help them  love themself going to temple with his nana every week and   preying and emabracing his  jewish roots  making sure he knows who he is  . playing his   axe rocking out    may it be a  few  chords or  a jam session   and lastly making out  with his boo blaine  he loves this part most  and   being with him makes everything better .

Topic:3 favortives

Information: 3 favorites
1. blaine his boyfriend and his love and his everything
2. the music its what makes his life better helps hime though it all.
3. favorite holiday everyone is there and the family is close and things are okay at home this time of year