July 28th, 2015


gen prompt bingo

I am your father/mother Canoe Slalom Ambitious Jewellery Eritrea
Dissociation / Multiple Personalities Antarctica Funerals and Wakes Contemporary AU A Mystery to Investigate
It was All a Dream The North Wind doth Blow Wild Card Falls the Shadow Home-cooking
Darkfic Life Fasting Asphyxiation Canon Themes
Hello again: Resurrection Autumn Case / Mission Fic Outsider POV Androids and robots



thanks for the tag shadowhunter34t_zpsuzigyhe0.jpg

1 nickname Emma,em, and my mom calls me pooka bear
2,eye color hazel
3 hair brown
4 I love shoes
5.sea green
6. my room
7. Britney spears J2,
8. eternal flame
9 dogs
10, I don't read a lot of books


I may need a beta for hc bingo fill I am working on its rpf Christen Kane and Jensen Ackles will have to do with drugs that is the fill I am doing I don't know if it will be a lot of words min is 500 so maybe that too 1000