July 14th, 2015


i is excited

I am looking forward to season 11 I like that there getting back to themselves and that its brothers against the world btw Crowley is so not dead if he truly was he would not be saying it over and over looking forward to the baby ep I love her so much . I am also looking forward to the you cant out run your past I am truly a fan and I never thought any of the eps sucked ever I like them all I don't judge I don't worry about writing or the death tolls and such I am hoping we will get some good people back fingers crossed for flash back henry and maybe both dads matt and jeff please I am also Big so hoping we get Lucifer back ( need that guy back ) carver has some fun ideas and I am really looking forward to all this should be a great season hopefully not the last make it a even 12 and I will be happy . also I am really hoping that people will get in to season 11 I need my bm brotherly feels sam and dean always