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Announcement: Porn Pile

Originally posted by ashtraythief at Announcement: Porn Pile
It's time to celebrate!

This month our Sunday Morning Porn Club turns two years and in celebration we're hosting a Porn Pile.

On May 31st we plan to open the doors for everyone to post. For one day only, smpc will be open for all pairings including at least one of either Jared, Jensen, Sam or Dean. For this special day we will also lower the required word count to 1k so that it will be easier to participate. But not only writers are welcome, we also invite all artists, podficcers, vidders and porn creators of any medium.

So get your porn-fu on and join us. Let's see how much porn we can get posted in one day.

For any questions, please comment here or contact alycat or ashtraythief

banner made by the wonderful kinkajou

Spread the word, pimp and repost. As we always say: more porn is more porn.

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