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Prompt wish list

I sadly only have a gift for buffy fics and can not write spn fics at all but my head is filled with plot bunnies

so if you wanna take a look and write one go ahead my ideas are yours muse has been dull take a look at the list maybe you like one by all means it yours will add ore and more to this as I get them and some are underage or rpf as well most I don't care on top or bottoms up to you enjoy

becky/sam. kidnapping, dub/non con ,captor becky, stockholm isusses, saved Dean or castiel
Becky kidnaps Sam and holds him captive and. Has her way with him .it goes on every day for months. Until Sam just submits to her will .he hardly remembers Dean and the hunting life till one day Dean or castiel find him and rescue him . Really want to get in to the kidnapping and the darkness of Becky and Sam. Any and all kinks are welcome. Also open to who ever saves Sam realatonship . Bonus for. Becky Dirty talk to Sam I leave every thing up to filler

Castiel /sam hooker castiel shy sam rimming bottom sam au
sam is a is working a case as a lawyer and has to talk to a male hooker for him to win the case he falls for castiel the male hooker he has been talking to for the case castiel is playing hard to get but gets sam in the end would like rimming Bottom sam

donna /dean/sam threesome sex anal ,vaginal plus size kink
Dean and sam are on a case and the see donna hascum and the see she is cheating on her diet and dean had always liked her body, and how she looked and sam has the same feeling .anyways they have a threesome and keep having a sexual relationship but sam can not keep it as just sex he falls for donna and it upsets dean dean not wanting to admit it but has feelings for her too . does not matter who donna is with at the end bonus for donna being very shut off and not trusting the boys want her and think they are messing with her

Jensen Troop leader jared :dubcon first time,dirty talk tent sex (underage )
Jensen is on a boy scout like 14 or so on camping trip and he is shy and does not have any friends to share a tent with so he Bunks with his troop leader jared who is early 30's or so and is in to how sweet and shy and pretty Jensen is . Jensen has never really had a feelings for anyone until on the camping trip and he and jared talk a lot about life jared wants him so bad and he acts on it with a scared nervous Jensen but after a little sweetness Jensens okay with it Jared tells Jensen very dirty things all other kinks are welcome but no dark not pick on who tops and bottoms ( also blame the Jensen boy scout pic for this prompt )

Matt /gil lawyers desk sex, public sex , au
Matt is a high powered lawyer and his wife and him are falling apart , till one day he meets Gil the new up and comer in the firm who wants matt's job and wants matt just a little more. matt does not want to cheat on his wife, but with gil almost giving it away he can not say no for very long matt feels guilty but every time gil wants it he gives it to him Top gil shy but willing matt Horny gil Bonus for desk sex and something sexual between matt and gil around bosses or matt's wife

McKinney /matt Cohen daddy kink ,Christmas, top Gil
I cant be the only one who thinks gil and Matt are HOT

the cast has a Christmas party at Jensen's and gil and matt Have had sparks for a while but never acted on it They hook up and matt calls him daddy Because he plays john's dad in the show Gil shows him lots of new and exciting sexual things more kinks are welcome good with anything except noncon for this one .

Misha/ty/Jared threesome role playing

Misha sees how close Ty and Jared are and asks them both to help him run lines for a new show he wants to be cast in . little do Ty and Jared know its all a ploy to get them in bed with him if you want more kinks go for it nothing really bugs me.)

sam/ Castiel rimming public sex Cheating Castiel is a high up boss and is dating Dean smith and meets the tech Guy Sam Wesson on his way to see dean . Kinky cheating smut maybe in the elevator . dean may or may not find out

sam and dean Student /teacher role playing Glasses kink
sam and dean are on a case about missing teachers and pose as teacher and student like (( 21 jump street undercover )) Dean has glasses it sam loves seeing him with them on

a supernatural/ Buffy crossover of willow Dean paring where Dean and Sam meet willow on a case and dean falls for the witch even if it goes against all he believes and knows.Sam does not approve he gets jealous of her and deans relationship because he wants to be with dean

Aaron bass /Dean Kinks. Public sex , hook ups one night stand
IN the ep everyone hates Hitler . Aaron did have a moment with Dean. Dean makes the first move and they talk about there moment in the bar and they proceed to go out in the ally behind the bar and have sex fast and dirty and wrong both of them getting off all kinks are welcome except non con and scat

Felicia day are dorm mates and Gen had always loved her and never had the guts to tell her Felicia was dating someone but when she finds out that Felicia boyfriend cheats on her she only has Gen to talk to and Felicia and she is always there for her and they fall in love so like a collage au it would be a odd pairing but I liked it

tomhanniger/demon dean the boys meet and fall in love and on murdering fucking killing untill sam finds dean and wants him back tom will have none of it and wont let sam take the only think he ever loved away from him axe pla blood play knife play dark murder sex rough sex bare back how they meet an there life as killers

Castiel/ Sam/ Crowley Kinks sex pollen rimming and public sex
Castiel has to help Crowley and Sam on a case when they get hit by a sex pollen and cant seem to keep there hand of each other every where they go to interview witnesses , or to hotels they stay at or in the car can not stop and they have no idea how to fix it . until dean comes to notice they have been gone to long and looks for them

fandom Supernatural Sam/ Charlie you hurt my feelings hoping for a lot of sweet make up sex.

Taken from the ep when the women called Dean Sam's son. Dean stayed teen Dean and Sam and Dean hunt and go on cases as father and son but behind close doors they have a huge daddy kink Sam loves when Dean calls him daddy everywhere they go Dean calls him daddy and Sam gets so horny

Sam thinks Teen dean is beyond sexy and wants him and goes on a seducing mission on getting in to teen Deans pants

Gen plot (( Hannah and anna meet in heaven and talk about castiel and the choices he has made with the Winchesters and how they feel about him helping the Winchesters and hw they would changed things for angels

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