Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
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Gil McKinney favorited your Tweet

Jan 31: @GilMcKinney that is the funniest thing ever gil

not going to post all but niki aycox aka fist meg we have talked and cheated much she is so sweet and a amazing singer

Aj Buckley ‏@AjohnBuckley · Jan 14  Los Angeles, CA
“@EmmaAckles22: Spin off get it done #SPNFamily full ghost facers @AjohnBuckley @westerspace” I think that ship has sailed also favored by wester space aka both ghost facers

Tahmoh Penikett ‏@TahmohPenikett · Jan 26
@EmmaAckles22 @GilMcKinney @SZJMB @mishacollins wow!! Beautiful work
gil has also favored other tweets
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