Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

Well .... update news

I have been sick for a week. Hospital twice and sick of drama. My laptop Is in the shop so all art I owe will be done soon I promise . There is so much drama and it has taken hold of me I have. New Buffy slash fix I will be posting soon called worth the risk. Will also be making a sticky of spn and spnrpf plot bunnies prompts I have come up with for anyone to take and write due to the fact I am idea gal and have no talant for spn fics of any kind. just really hoping the drama will end soon and I can get back to fics and art and my passion of reading . Really miss everyone on lj wish I could contribute also just a side note looking for coiln Ford with jensen or Jared fics any fics will do I have read one not sure if there are anymore
Tags: fic search, me

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