Emma Rose (Emily) (emmatheslayer) wrote,
Emma Rose (Emily)

My twitter life

so in my week and a half being on twitter I have had the wonderfulness that is so squee

lauren tom ( kevin tran's mom favored my stopfandom hate tweet
favorited your Tweet

Dec 27: @LaurenTom9000 so true we should keep ourselves on why we love our fandom not on the hate people have

Lauren Tom next Erica corraoll aka ( Hannah the angel )) talk to me abot the fandom hate that had happened

Erica Carroll ‏@divinepigeon · Dec 28
You must be hurt very deeply if causing someone pain brings you joy.We must not forget that we belong to each other. #takecare #SPNFamily

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EmmaRose ‏@EmmaAckles22 · Dec 28
@divinepigeon so true its so wrong to hurt other people for no reason #spnsupportfamily

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Erica Carroll ‏@divinepigeon · Dec 28
@EmmaAckles22 there is never a reason😉



Veorin Cas' Trench Coat Myriam MariaCloudy EmmaRose Kristin #OTW Jasmine Woods

4:07 PM - 28 Dec 2014 · Details

and lastly Juilet landnu aka Drusilla the most wonderful commented and talk to me on a gift manip I got by the lovely futterwackenshttp://sheppsboy.livejournal.com/77452.html told me how cool it was
EmmaRose ‏@EmmaAckles22 · 14h14 hours ago
one more #Drusilla #fanart manip I got this year @ReigneTruDruFan @julietlandau 2014gift pic.twitter.com/6PIsCFUKZr

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Juliet Landau ‏@julietlandau · now23 minutes ago
Wow cool @EmmaAckles22 @ReigneTruDruFan! I'm glad I didn't have to pose

how great is that and its only been a week and a half
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