Holiday cards

Hello all can i get your addresses so i can send out cards all Will be screened.

I hope to start sending them next week but this will be sticky till the week before christmas

[PHASE 13] Challenge 3 - Do you know your ABC's?

 l loki color bar

R Ransom color bar

weird city w

xenophilius lovegood X

  Y You and I

veronica mars  V
Q queen

A color bar Armie hammer

t color bar

Florence pugh

 I  Illyria fanmix

 3 picspams

soap s

 Dean winchester  d

Guinea pigs g

2 coloring pages
Universe girl. U

Poodles  P

2 gifs
birthday  B Gif

z Zendaya

Harmony  Kendall  H Bookmark

chadwick boseman bookmark

elio & oliver   e tumblr grahpic

N tumblr graphic  naim  ship name

wallpaper one direction  o

wallpaper J joker

knives out k

knives-out-poster-4 (4).jpg